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TaylorTown SEO provides WordPress webmaster services to small and mid-sized businesses.


We are an Search engine optimization agency that drives website traffic while improving the health and security of our client’s websites. Business owners and IT personnel cannot be expected to keep up to date with the ever quickening changes on the Web and the WordPress platform, so TaylorTown manages your website presence according to best practices for a very reasonable rate. Think how more effective you would be managing your business without website headaches?

Poor usability, navigation errors and clumsy coding will cost you points in your SEO evaluation, so why not take care of those deficiencies first before embarking on a marketing plan. Google wants to see your website healthy which requires attention to the details. TaylorTown stays on top of the web marketing trends, security bulletins and best practices to treat your business to the highest professional levels of web expertise.


Take control of your website


Do you have any of the following errors on your website. Don’t wait until it is too late Address them before they become an issue. Hire TaylorTown to manage your website to allow you to focus on your business. We address the most common website issues;



  • Slow loading sites

  • Sites with malware

  • Broken links or coding errors

  • Not indexed by the search engines

  • Sites with fatal PHP errors

  • Email or contact form problems

  • Sites with 404 or re-direct errors

  • Adds and Changes

  • SSL Certificates