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It’s a fact of modern day life, criminals have recognized the internet as an effective medium to carry out their illegal activities.


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Multi-national corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, church groups, schools and charitable organizations have their websites hacked everyday.  Sometimes the purpose is to steal personal or financial information, create embarrassment or economic damage or simply use your website to promote products like online pharmaceuticals, payday loans, casinos or pornography.




The truth is any website can be hacked if the hacker’s effort is persistent enough, however hackers  usually go after low hanging fruit with outdated software platforms, easy to crack passwords, unprotected sites with no security precautions, etc. WordPress or other open source platforms need tough security precautions but most business owners are inattentive or rely on their “website designer” to provide maintenance and security. TaylorTown is different because we take a proactive approach by implementing strict “defensive” security measures plus recovery plans which allow you to quickly recover if a  website hack occurs.




Fact 1 – Your website vulnerabilities are visible to the world by looking at your source code..

out of date WordPress version

 the example above, the websites source code reveals an out-of-date version of WordPress. Hackers know the vulnerabilities of this version and will easily gain access.


Fact 2 – Your easy to remember password is easy to crack for an experienced hacker

Hackers can easily tell by looking at your website what are the likely passwords you use to log-into your site administration interface. Once they’ve guessed the password; game’s over and you’ve been hacked. In fact Adobe recently published a list of the top 100  passwords. If you are using simple passwords like “password1”, or “12345” or another easy to remember phrase, you should know that hackers have software programs which throw common passwords at your website’s login until they find the magic key that lets them in. TaylorTown implements software that locks out the hackers after three incorrect guesses.


  Fact 3 – Google will blacklist your website when it detects malicious code.

Unfortunately if your website is hacked, Google will warn users of the danger of clicking on your website results leaving a warning “This site may be hacked” . This warning will be embarrassing to your business and will cause a significant drop in your Google generated traffic affecting your revenue.

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