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Taylortown SEO believes not using Google Analytics on your website is like driving your car without any functioning gauges.


analytis car gauges

It’s Just Crazy!


Would you like to know how many people are coming to your website? Once your visitor arrives, what is their behavior? For this information, you need to install Google Analytics.

All these website metrics give important indications of your online strengths and weaknesses. Taylortown SEO utilizes Google Analytics which is a free service provided by Google. Yes, I said Free! All that is needed to get a full understanding of your  website traffic is to sign up for a Google Analytics account and install a snippet of html code before the closing header tag on your website. In 48 hours, your Google Analytics account will begin displaying your website metrics and a plethora of important data. There is no good reason not to have analytics installed on your website. Want to know how your leads convert? Google Analyircs can help with that. Don’t drive your car without gauges. Install Analytics.


Here is just some of the information that Google Analytics can provide you :

Number of website visitors by day, month or year?

How long do visitors stay on your site and which pages do they visit?

Which cities and states do your website visitors come from?

Which browsers and devices are they using to access your site?

What are the sources of your web traffic: search engines , direct or referral websites?

Which keywords are being used to find your website?

Which websites are referring traffic?

Visit our Services and Pricing page to see how we can install Google Analytics on your website to track important visitor behavior. Make decisions on actionable data.