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TaylorTown SEO gets Orlando, Florida small and mid-sized businesses seen online without annual contracts.

Michael Taylor – Owner of TaylorTown SEO

My name is Michael Taylor and for five years I’ve operated a web design and SEO agency here in Orlando, Florida specializing in WordPress websites. We have small and mid-sized business clients across the United States who have relied on our marketing expertise the entire time we’ve been in business. What TaylorTown offers is unmatched in the marketplace; which is a personalized attention to your specific needs which brings undeniable results.

Small and Mid-sized business owners today need to be visible online but often lack the tools and resources to compete with larger companies. TaylorTown levels the playing field by providing your small or mid-sized business marketing tools from Google, Facebook and many other reputable companies to compete online at a reasonable cost. There is no reason to spend a fortune marketing yourself online. TaylorTown gets it done for much less than the larger online agencies.

If you are looking for search engine optimization services, need a new webmaster or simply need a WordPress website refresh, you have come to the right website. Take a look at our portfolio and our pricing page and remember we don’t require you to sign long-terms contracts and are available for consult 24 hours per day. Just call (321) 230-3197 to learn more.


Search Engine Optimization

Google ranks websites in the search results based on over 250 varied factors. Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is the strategy of influencing the Google algorithm¬† to rank your website on the first page for your most valuable search terms ahead of your competitors. TaylorTown SEO develops both on-page and off-page strategies to meet Google’s expectations and increase the trust. Don’t be fooled by dishonest companies. TaylorTown SEO is an agency that implements only “whitehat” strategies that build considerable value over time like optimizing your website copy, meta tags and meta descriptions. Your website is a significant asset for your business so you need to impress Google more than your less qualified competitors do. Trust TaylorTown SEO to increase your search engine rank to grow your bottom line

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WordPress Website Design

Taylortown SEO builds professional small and mid-sized business websites on the powerful WordPress publishing platform. WordPress now powers around 25% of all websites and is Google friendly and easy to manage..Taylortown uses only quality WordPress themes like Enfold, Kallyas and Divi, which are customized to your requirements and include all the bells and whistles like blogs, contact pages, forms, pdf downloads, galleries and shopping carts. TaylorTown will even manage your website for a reasonable hourly fee. Need website hosting? We provide hosting on secure Bluehost and HostGator servers with SSL certificates at a reasonable annual cost. Check out our website portfolio for examples of our work to get some brilliant ideas and call us at (321) 230-3197 to share.

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Website Security

TaylorTown takes our client’s website security very seriously. If you’ve ever had your website hacked you know how disruptive that can be. Everyday your website is being tested by criminal organizations worldwide looking for a way to gain access and control. TaylorTown has partnered with leading security firm Sucuri to provide affordable website security products to the small and mid-sized business segment. If by chance we have contacted you about your website, be assured that we are only trying to help you before if gets worse. Call us at (321) 230-3197 to learn more about what you can do to keep foreign hackers away from your website and site visitors.

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WordPress Webmaster

As a business owner you cannot be expected to maintain your website or keep up with constant updates which is unfortunate because implementing critical security updates is necessary for the heath or your website. TaylorTown offers webmaster services to business owners that allow them to keep their website maintained and concentrate on their business. Are you locked out of you website or need your content refreshed with updates? Need your website moved to another server or emails set up? We can help with that too. We only follow best practices here not like the amateurs or interns you you mind find at a cut rate.

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Our SEO Clients continue to rank on the 1st page of Google for their toughest keywords year after year.

We have clients who rank on the first page of Google and have never paid a dime for internet marketing. How can that be? Basically these clients rank well because of the strong website TaylorTown has built for them. We build SEO optimized websites coded with the optimal keywords which dazzle the search engines. While most of our clients will need monthly SEO effort to rise above the competition and we provide those services at a reasonable rate, TaylorTown gives you an instant advantage with an optimized site..

Let TaylorTown show you how. Call (321) 230 3197 to get started

Let us show you can rank over your competitors and get the phone calls you want. We don’t want to tie you into a long term contract or debit your credit card. We also pick up the phone when you call. What could be easier?

March 2016 Number of hacked websites according to Google. Don't let your website get blacklisted for pharma spam or phishing. Call TaylorTown!

Reported by Sucuri in the March 2016 Website Hacked Report.

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As of March 2016, Google reports that over 50 million website users have been greeted with some form of warning that websites visited were either trying to steal information or install malicious software. In March 2015, that number was 17 million. Google currently blacklists close to ~20,000 websites a week for malware and another ~50,000 a week for phishing.

TaylorTown is an Orlando SEO agency that makes website security a number one priority for our customers because your SEO ranking is dependent on your website being malware free. It’s unfortunate that we see clients spending thousands on monthly SEO with no results only to find the reason is hidden malware on their website. That’s why we remove malware from WordPress websites, usually within 18 hours, install software like WordFence and WAF firewalls to prevent malware infections and block intruders.

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We are an Orlando SEO Agency that’s earned it’s “Technical Chops”


You have an Orlando business to run so you cannot be expected to keep up with the constant changes on the worldwide web. When you have a problem that needs addressing, you need a web partner who understands the technical aspects of your problem for a quick resolution. Taylortown SEO has earned it’s technical chops by managing WordPress websites for over five years. Our clients can forget their website and sometimes they forget about us too.

To run an agency like ours you need to follow best practices and have trusted partners. Too many agencies don’t bother to follow best practices with your website, taking shortcuts that cause problems down the road. Likewise we rely on trusted partners to provide us best class services. These are the industry leaders who are authoritative sources of innovation and knowledge on the internet. Some the trusted partners we do business with include:

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